CAST Bench

CAST Bench

Beautifully proportioned stand alone bench – larger sibling to the CAS1 side chair. The sides of the chair are made from the same mould as the CAS1 side chair so to scale up only the back rest and long rails are extended. The frame is produced in sand cast recycled aluminium (solid), plated in zinc with a soft patina finish. Integral teak (FSC) slats span the seat of the bench.

Currently sold through REEVESdesign boutique at ABC Carpet and Home in New York, New York, USA, Henry Hall Designs in California and elsewhere through REEVESdesign direct sales.

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100% recycled aluminium with a zinc plate patina and FSC teak slats.
h782 x 450 x 1100mm (h30.75” x 17.75” x 43”)