The Mické & Oliver project
January 28, 2016
The Mické & Oliver project

Another project complete and another very happy customer. Almost 100 beautifully hand made and custom designed chairs and tables.

The Chac'late orangery project was brought to REEVESdesign through Mické & Oliver, a successful and driven branding company based in Germany. They were tasked with realising a brief that would meet the exacting standards and expectations of a Doha based restaurant and hotel location. When it came to the furniture for the restaurant they made no hesitation in contacting REEVESdesign directly and we were very happy they did. 

From the start to finish, John Reeves stuck to the clients brief and overcame various technical obstacles including the beautifully hand crafted Italian leather arm rests and seat cushions. A great project worth sharing and if you're lucky enough to be passing through Doha then you might want to pop in to the restaurant and sample some of their delicious food and chocolate!

The chairs were designed and hand worked in tapering box section steel for strength and sturdiness that will handle the demanding restaurant environment. The REEVESdesign standard TPU rubber studs inserted into the tip of each tapered leg ensure a soft touch to the ground with no clatter. The aluminium pedestal table base is another example of exquisite craftsmanship, the mould was first hand carved in wood before it was used to sand cast from in 100% recycled aluminium. Finally the matt honed Volakas white marble top was carefully sourced to ensure pureness of colour and durability.

Images by John Reeves (final image courtesy of Chac'late).

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Client: Mické & Oliver, design by John Reeves and Mické & Oliver for Chac'late.