Louis and Victoria in Japan
November 30, 2019
Louis and Victoria in Japan

I+STYLERS Japan and REEVESdesign

The Pursuit of Timeless Design

Last year we relaunched our Louis and Victoria collections in solid sustainably sourced walnut and solid oak. Our customers, at I+STYLERS Japan and Korea have embraced this relaunch and recently presented these thoughtful, evocative and atmospheric images.

The concept behind the Louis collection (winner of the Elle Decoration future classic design award) was to produce a contemporary modern range of furniture that would have a respectful echo of tradition and in doing so, tastefully bridge the gap between present, past and future with the intention of ensuring a design of longevity. It is this pursuit of longevity and timeless design that lead us to reconsider making the range in solid wood,  previously these collections were launched in a glossy monochrome lacquer of black, white and other special colours. We hope you'll agree that there is something very honest, natural and inviting when experiencing the collection in solid wood.

The form of the Louis chair and table was born from the process of wood turning. The legs and cross stretchers of the Louis Chair have been turned from one spindle and then split into four quarters for the legs, and divided in two for the stretchers. This action metaphorically and literally splits the past to create something new. The traditional turned spindle being halved or quartered in a very graphic way to reveal the clean edge and flat surface within, enhancing the profile and line without. 

I+Stylers Japan has a history of working with some of the best upholstery fabrics from collections such as Designers Guild and Maruichi. They have carefully selected fabrics for the Louis seat, but here you can also see they have maintained the traditional woven cane seat as an alternative natural option.

A generous wash of natural light spills through the window, flooding the solid walnut top with a warm glow that brings out the rich figuring of the grain.

Louis Console Table and Louis Side Chair

The Louis Console table stands very nicely and neatly along the wall accompanied here by a single Louis Side Chair. I love the way this particular picture is at the same time so minimal and yet so comforting and welcoming. 

Louis Dining Table and Chairs with Victoria Console in White Washed Oak.

This particular finish was developed especially for I+STYLERS Japan. The white washed oak took quite a lot of development and practice to make sure just the right amount of oak grain remained visible, whilst the ceruse' white-wash coloured the timber. The oak grain is still visible and present within the monochromatic finish and adds a natural texture that softens the play of light and contrast, silhouette and profile, allowing a broader pallet of grey tones and shadows when arranged in a room such as this.

Victoria Coffee table and Side table

Quite a dramatic shot of these Victoria occasional tables, the white wash oak almost appears to become a blank canvas. Indeed the original design was inspired during a visit to the Tate Gallery in London, whilst the artwork was impressive, "..I was also drawn towards looking at the picture frames and couldn't help but feel they were in fact furniture for the walls." These table tops being a restrained exercise in minimising the lines yet keeping the depth of the voluptuous curves of the rather flamboyant frames (note this was the Tate Gallery and not the Tate Modern...which would have lead to very different shapes!).

Here is a collage of images that capture some details of the Victoria occasional tables in use. Again the subdued, muted colour palette really allows for tonal grades of shadow that work very well with the new white washed oak finish.

Talon Petite Lounge Chair and Talon Ottoman

As well as the Louis and Victoria collection, I+STYLERS have proactively taken on the Talon range. Here the warmth of the solid walnut frame combined with a very fine black upholstered leather accentuates the room without dominating it. Rather like your favourite cat, or tired dog curled up by the fire, it has personality and character but still very much part of the environment and indeed, the family.

Sustainable Design

Some may wonder why we continue to push and produce these designs continuously now for coming up to 15 years already. Well, in the spirit of the original concept at the start, they were designed to be timeless and not for the trend. This means that we stand by these designs just as much today as when they were first brought to market in 2005. Producing this in solid sustainably sourced walnut or oak with proper forrest management means that trees will continue to be replanted for future harvests. It is a very sustainable way to produce and once made, these products should last a life time. That is why we are proud to continue offering our most important collections and only enter new designs when we consider they will maintain the same consistency of spirit and story.


For enquiries in Japan or Korea we encourage you to contact I+STYLERS. For all other regions please contact with REEVESdesign directly for distributor, wholesale and project pricing.

Thank you once again.

John Reeves