Aperture Tables, let the light through.
April 05, 2021
Aperture Tables, let the light through.

Since my earliest designs I have been inspired by colours and shapes.

"I was challenged by one of my customers to design a series of tables that could show off the legs more fully, as so many of my designs have interesting legs that are partly covered up by their solid, opaque table tops."

Transparency was achieved by using precision cut and beautifully machine-polished 12mm thick pieces of circular toughened glass; I wanted the base to reference the geometric interplay of the blades within a camera lens aperture.

By letting the light through, the table tops are almost invisible apart from the sheen of the surface and the graphic circumference line that is present due to the hardening and toughening process of the glass.

This perimeter line helps frame the base and delineate volume to the top and has a purity in its unbroken form that is referenced by the legs. Elegant tapering and narrow lines are made possible by fabricating the frame in stiff tubular steel and finished in pigments of navy blue or oxblood red.

Apertures are controlled by an iris that is built up of many thin metal blades that overlay each other in a circular fashion. Light passes through to a greater or lesser amount depending on how wide the aperture is opened by twisting the lens, allowing the iris blades to pivot and slide over each other, therefore further opening or closing the aperture. The centre hole appears round by using many blades, however for the purpose of my tables, only 3 or 4 legs are required, so I connected these points leaving a triangular or square aperture that is logically and simply defined by the number of legs.

Aperture Square Side Table in Navy Blue, shown here with an Alexander Calder inspired mobile. Photograph courtesy of NORHOR.

Details of the Aperture Square tables in navy blue and oxblood red.

Aperture Square Coffee table and Side table in navy blue, images courtesy of NORHOR.

The largest of the Aperture tables is the Console, made possible by elongating the circle into a lozenge shaped table top. 

The aperture detail is repeated at either end of the stretched out top with a connecting bar that locks the frame together.

Aperture Console table in oxblood red, image courtesy of NORHOR.

The double aperture detail can be clearly seen from above in this image of the oxblood red Aperture console table.

Aperture Console in navy blue (although the console is steady, we provide a wall tie to secure the table if required). Image courtesy of NORHOR.

"I hope you continue to enjoy receiving the Reeves Design newsletter which has always intended to be a window into the inspirations that go into each design. However at this current time when it is impossible to  make and attend exhibitions in a physical way or even go to showrooms and shops, it has become an essential platform and direct link between our product, brand and customers.
I encourage you to reach out with any projects and dreams that may align with our values and vision as we are still operating, producing and creating. I trust we can harness shared motivation, enthusiasm and more enjoyable considered ways to explore culture and ideas; in doing so continue to evolve designs that look towards a bright future."
John Reeves